McDonald's just announced they're making changes to their popular breakfast item the Egg McMuffin.

NBC News reports that the fast food chain is now foregoing liquid margarine and will now be slathering their toasted Egg McMuffins, bagels, and biscuits with butter.

The change will happen as soon as their stores finish their current supply of liquid margarine.

Now that is good news for butter lovers. I love butter. However, if you have issues with dairy products this isn't good news.

If you're wondering why this sudden move to real butter it's all due to a series of changes McDonald's is doing to "tweak the way it makes its food as it continues to  try to turn around its struggling U.S. business." It's all part of "the overhaul, McDonald's has said it would toast its buns longer, change how it sears and grills its beef and increase the Quarter Pounder patty size."

Anyway I look at it their Bacon, Egg, and Cheese biscuits are going to oh so much more awesome.