The World Dairy Expo handed out awards for the best dairy products and a local Rockford dairy was a awarded a first place medal for their chocolate ice cream.

Congratulations to Muller-Pinehurst Dairy for bringing home the blue ribbon win for the best chocolate ice cream. According to WREX, Muller Pinehurst narrowly beat out a Springfield, MO dairy by just 5/10ths of a point. Wow! That's a close one.

Now this award can right in the trophy cabinet next to last year's  wins.  Plant Manager, Jerry Fieldsend said "(that) last year we won first for our whipped creme, for our 2% chocolate milk. Our employees are really really trying to place every year."

Well seeing they've placed again at the World Dairy Expo, I would say their hard work is paying off and making Rockford proud of their local dairy.

Mmm... chocolate ice cream. That sounds pretty good.

This weekend when doing your usual grocery shopping pick up a carton of Muller-Pinehurst's chocolate ice cream and celebrate one of the tastiest treats in Illinois.