I've been to lot of races at the Rockford Speedway, but I must admit I've never witnessed anything like this. One car runs over another car. Intentional? Accident? Unsportsmanlike conduct?  Just a bad error in judgement? You decide.


This past Sunday, was the 50th Anniversary of National Short Track Championship. It was a 200 lap Super Late Model. The good news is that neither driver was injured.

According to Fox Sports No. 39 car driver, Alex Papini, had started the race in 15th position eventually worked his way up inside the top five. Fox news reports:

Papini was coming up to lap the No. 17 car of Brian Johnson Sr. on Lap 92 when the two made contact in Turn 3, causing Papini to spin and the caution flag to be flown.

The two reportedly traded multiple blows under the yellow flag and then -- as the video picks the action back up coming out of the fourth turn -- Papini’s car runs up and over Johnson Sr.’s car right next to the grandstands.

Papini said on Facebook that accident was the result of a "stuck throttle" and that the damage has put his team out for the rest of the season.

Late Tuesday night, Papini said on his Facebook page that he is retiring from racing.

As of today at 11:14 pm central standard time. I am retiring from this sport we call stock car auto racing. Thanks to all the sponsors fans and people who have helped along the way. It's been a roller coaster 10 years to say the least. In 24 hours this page will be removed


Update: As of 1:08 am Papini’s Facebook post announcing “his retirement” was taken down.. The Papini’s original post can be seen here.

Here is a photo of Brian Johnson Sr's car after Sunday's incident

Used by permission/ Paula Johnson

Race car fans, chime in, Do you think this was intentional or an accident?