As summer approaches, people all over the country will head to their favorite ice cream spot, whether it's Dairy Queen, Whitey's, or the local drive-up place. One community in West Virginia is going to have to wait a little bit longer to do that after their store was severely damaged.

“It’s crazy. Gas lines were all busted, electric and water shooting everywhere. It was just crazy. Like a tornado or something, it’s unbelievable,” said Jeff Diehl, owner of the Dairy Queen in Scott Depot, West Virginia told WSAZ.

Luckily, there were no customers inside the restaurant, but unluckily, the reason for that was a freshly finished and soon-to-be-opened remodel. “We just remodeled everything and were getting ready to open, so thankfully we weren’t open. But everything is completely destroyed, so where do you go from here?” Diehl said. Employees were on the opposite side of the building from where the car entered, working the drive-thru window.

West Virginia State Police say the driver, Casey Oxley, intentionally drove his vehicle through the restaurant. No motive has been determined for why he did it.

The Dairy Queen location's owner, Jeff Diehl, credits his wife to the lack of injuries in his dining room.

“My wife said wait till Monday just to give everyone an opportunity to know we’re opening back up and slowly getting back into things, and thank God we did, oh my gosh,” he told WSAZ.

For his employees, the future is unknown.

Casey Oxley is charged with five counts of attempted malicious assault, battery on a health care worker, battery on emergency personnel, assault on emergency personnel, felony destruction of property and reckless driving.


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