On the way to get his haircut, a Chicago area man crashed his SUV into a storefront but still went to his appointment.

I honestly don't get it. Why are there so many people running into buildings? They are large and hard to miss.

It seems like the excuse is they mix up the gas and brake pedals. How does that even happen? Especially, if you've been driving a long time.

Well, here's another incident.

According to chicagotribune.com,

"A man reportedly drove his vehicle through the window of a seafood market in Niles, Illinois."

This gentleman was on his way to get his haircut.

He mixes up the gas and brake, then smashes his vehicle into a store.

The man doesn't stick around at the accident scene because he doesn't want to miss the appointment.

Police entered the barbershop looking for the suspect but he didn't acknowledge the crash.

After his haircut was completed, the guy admitted to the barber that he was at fault.

He returned to the scene of the crime and came forward about what happened.

Since he was on private property, no ticket was issued.

The police did submit his name to the Security of State's office to be retested.

When asked why he left, his accuse was he didn't want to miss his haircut appointment.

That must be one good barber.


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