What is the name of the Loves Park veterinarian is appearing on Jeopardy tomorrow?

The answer is... Who is Maryanne Theryerl.

The Rockford Register Star caught up with the Brookside Veterinary Clinic's veterinarian. You may  who can be seen at many trivia nights at Neighbors Bar and Grill in Loves Park.

She says that she "knows her fair share of “stupid stuff,” she said, and the local trivia night provides an outlet for her to release all that."

You know I like Maryanne, because I'm the same way I remember a lot of dumb stuff too... I've always said I would be great on a game show.

Speaking of game show Maryanne took all of that 'stupid stuff' she says she has, or what I call useless knowledge, and put it to work on Jeopardy.

Maryanne said she filled out a questionnaire over two years ago and didn't know if she bombed the quiz until receiving "About two months after I took the test, I got an email from recruiters that I did well enough for a live interview in Kansas City". From that interview she had to take a quiz on paper and pencil, then she was selected to "met with producers and played a simulated game to gauge how she would act when the cameras were rolling."

Wow! Who knew it was that hard to get on a game show?

I had no idea there were many behind the scenes steps to it. Did you?

Although the episode Maryanne participated in was filmed in February, we can cheer her on tomorrow on WREX-13 at 3:30 p.m.

Congratulations Maryanne! No matter how much money you win, You're a winner for us in the stateline area!



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