Imagine going down in history for winning 40 consecutive games of 'Jeopardy!'.  For Amy Schneider, her time was cut short on the popular game show Wednesday.

I've watched 'Jeopardy!' plenty of times, but I've never been able to answer 100% of the questions.  Could be because I didn't pay attention much in school, but these contestants are crazy intelligent.

On Wednesday night, Amy went up against Rhone Talsma, Chicago area Multimedia Librarian.  Check out those glasses... bold and bright just like Rhone himself.

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What question stumped the reigning champ? I had no clue what the answer was, but maybe you can figure it out!

Photo by Emily Sotakoun
Photo by Emily Sotakoun

Correct answer? Bangladesh.

Amy answered incorrectly with a simple, "What is ?" and wagered $8,000.  Rhone answered "What is Bangladesh?" and wagered $12,000, surpassing Amy by a whopping $10,000.

Rhone made his way to victory taking home $29,600.

After Amy's 40-game winning streak came to a close, she walked away with $1,382,800.  I can't even fathom having that much money in my pocket. What would you do with nearly $1.4M?

Rhone Talsma, going down in history as the contestant who defeated Amy Schneider's 40-game winning streak, tells media he was so excited to be on 'Jeopardy!' and in a shock about his victory. He posted this on Instagram on Saturday with no idea he'd finished in first place:

Well…I got it! You can watch lil ole me play my favorite game on the planet, @jeopardy, this coming Wednesday (January 26).

Amy Schneider officially ranks in fourth place on the all-time cash winnings list behind Matt Amodio with $1,518,601

James Holzhauer with $2,462,216

and Ken Jennings with $2,520,700

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