Ok, wait so is Aaron Rodgers still in the running for the Jeopardy! job? Sources are saying it's a possibility.

The quest to find a new Jeopardy! host has been non-stop since Alex Trebek passed away.

First we were given a ton of rotating hosts, followed by a recent announcement that Jeopardy! Executive Producer, Mike Richards, would take over with assist from Blossom herself, Mayim Bialik.

Well that's not happening anymore, I'm sure you've heard Mike Richards stepped down after old not so great remarks he shared surfaced.

So the quest remains... who will fill Trebek's shoes?

Typing that out gave me a little idea...maybe they should try Will Ferrell? Seriously though, he would be pretty lovable as the actual host, not as a mocking Trebek.

According to MSN, Rodgers is still a possibility, after he has said multiple times how much he enjoyed his stint guests hosting.

You know the thing about Jeopardy! is that isn't not as much as an every day job as it seems.

The show is taped pretty far in advance in big chunks, so it would be possible for someone with another job to make it happen.

Should they consider the QB for the job?

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