This year we did get one big gift from COVID-19, to-go cocktails. 

Like seriously, there are not a lot of great things happening in 2020, but the addition of to-go cocktails is something we'd like to take with us in 2021.

The idea of ordering a cocktail to-go with your pick-up food does make complete sense, especially this year as we've been attempting to help small businesses and also create a sense of normalcy at home - if you're ordering food from Aero Ale House, you need a drink, too right?

I got a chance to try their Caramel Apple Mule this morning on Eyewitness News as part of the GDS Holiday Gift Guide and I'm considering ordering a dozen for my family for Christmas Eve.

It's a mix of caramel vodka, fresh squeezed lime juice, ginger beer and apple cider.

Maybe you can make it yourself, but what's the fun of that?

They have a host of other cocktails available too, along with their to-go menu.

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