If you love to drink Mimosa's then I'm thinking you're going to like this concoction I came up with. I think it's just as tasty as a mimosa.

All you need to do is mix your favorite brand of orange juice with a can of Barefoot Refresh Crisp White Spritzer.

I bought this four park of the sparkling wine spritzers on a whim at the grocery. Although they don't taste bad alone, they're a little bland for my taste. I thought "I bet if I mix this with orange juice it will be tasty."

AND I was right!

It's bubbly, fruity, light and refreshing perfect for these muggy summer days.

I can see making these for a bridal shower, a brunch, or just like I did for a cool pick me up after work.

Try it and see if you like it.

I guesstimated on the actual measurements of o.j. and wine. I would pour them on a two to one ration.

Who needs champagne when you can use sparkling white wine.



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