Look! I was pranked for April Fools Day.

I was pranked real good by the Wake Up Crew yesterday.

The funniest part of this is that I had no idea  this was on the back of my car until coming out of Schnuck's last night.

If you were at the Schnuck's off Perryville in front of the mall, that was my car in the lot you saw.

The even funnier part about this, is that when driving across town, through rush hour traffic, is that I heard a few cars honking and I thought "Man what is their problem?" I though they were honking at the cars in the turn lane next to me. I was so oblivious that it was me they were honking at. Haha!

When I saw this sign, as I was getting ready to put groceries in my trunk, I laughed so hard. In fact a lady who puled her car in next to me was laughing at the sign. She said she took a picture of it and sent it to her friends.

Wake-Up Crew, I gotta hand it to you, you got me good. Real good.

Hmmm, just wait your time will come.Hahahaha!

Here's a few more funny April Fool's Day pranks that were done to unsuspecting, or in my case, oblivious people. I'm thankful mine was just a sign. However, these are really good fodder for my pay back prank to those two. Haha!

Well done you two. Well done!

By the way, if want to see the Wake Up Crew's devious act in action, yes they filmed it,  click the button.





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