Back in the day, left-handed people jumped for joy when they learned there was a sandwich to be made specifically for them. Or so they thought.

I faintly remember hearing about this on the radio as a teen but didn't give a poo since I'm a right-hander. The detail that went into Burger King's April Fool's Day prank was pretty genius. There was much thought put into a full-page ad in a national newspaper. People bought it, literally. BK labeled the sandwich as "a solution for the 1.4 million left-handed customers."

First, BK locked in a full-page ad in USA Today and included how the left-handed whopper would be made, according to the blog

...all condiments rotated 180 degrees, thereby redistributing the weight of the sandwich so that the bulk of the condiments will skew to the left, thereby reducing the amount of lettuce and other toppings from spilling out the right side of the burger.

Left-handed guests lined up alongside the right-handers to get their special new burger... only to learn it was a joke. Even in the 90's you couldn't believe everything you read.

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