The whole realm of hand drying in public restrooms has come a long way.

paper towel dispenser in public bathroom
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Do you remember the hand-drying towel thing from when you were in school?

For me, the hand dryer looked like a towel that just rotated through the big box, leaving no way for that to ever be sanitized and germ-free.

Eventually the actual brown paper dispenser. That paper was so thick they might as well have provided cardboard to dry hands with.

Vintage hand dryer
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At some point, the automatic hand dryer become a thing with a 90-degree attachment that blew the hot air downward with the push of a button. Soon after they started working through motion-sensor.

Also, what was the purpose of the attachment spinning around? All I ever used it for was to blow it at my face and get dizzy when I struggled to breathe.

Most hand dryers are 'state-of-the-art' now which is expected being as it's 2021. Truth be told, though, some of these hand dryers are pretty loud.


Healthline reported air hand dryers spread more germs than if you were to use paper towels.

hand dryer and plug in a public toilet
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This Reddit user believes they have found the loudest hand dryer of all. It's not like the one pictured below, which is my personal favorite. This is the other hand dryer that blows strong enough to drive the floor the hands just dripped on.

Modern vertical hand dryer in public restroom WC
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Head to Wilmington, Illinois and you may find an exceptionally loud hand dryer in a restroom at the only Burger King in the town.


Based on the sound that I hear along with the comments on this video of the hand dryer in action, it may not be all it's hyped up to be.

You be the judge.

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