Mississippi mom Jenn Holifield said her daughter was traumatized after finding a half-smoked cigarette in her Burger King chicken fries.

A viral video of the incident started circling social media last week. The incident occurred at a Burger King in Meridian, Mississippi, where Holifield had treated herself and her 14-year-old daughter, Blaze, to a takeout bag of chicken fries and jalapeno poppers.

“As you see, we found a cigarette butt. It is a Seneca menthol that my daughter found half-smoked in her bag.” Holifield said.

After eating six chicken fingers on the drive home the teenage girl was repeatedly telling her mother that she smelled cigarettes. After inspection of the food, they found a butt nestled within the bag of chicken.

Jenn Holifield told news outlets, “About six chicken fries in, she [her daughter] said, ‘Oh my God, there is a cigarette in my chicken fries.’ I said, ‘What, no way.' We were pulling up at home so I got out and had a look. I said, ‘Oh my God, that’s a half-smoked cigarette.’ It’s disgusting, she was traumatized.”

The half-smoked cigarette still had saliva on it. They suspected it was either put in the bag intentionally or it fell from a staff member's ear into the food.

“Regardless of how it got in there,” Burger King employees “shouldn’t have a cigarette in a kitchen where they’re preparing food,” Holifield said.

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Holifield called Burger King to complain and after 45 minutes she finally got in touch with a manager who offered her a full refund if she returned to the BK. However, she declined the offer as she did not feel comfortable confronting the staff.

The mother explained, “I wasn’t going down there with someone else’s cigarette saying, ‘Does this cigarette belong to somebody? I felt very uneasy doing that.”

She had kept the evidence and receipt in a zip lock bag, as she had been trying to contact the whopper managers head office.

She posted the disturbing chicken butt photo to Facebook where she wrote, “I’m PISSED!!! Wtf is managing these fast food restaurants anymore!”

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Getty Images

A Burger King spokesperson addressed the incident, explaining: “This incident does not reflect the very high standards Burger King and its franchisees collectively share to provide guests a tasty, well-prepared meal at a fair price. We have reached out to the franchisee to learn more and will take necessary action to correct this issue.”

Since the disturbing meal, the mother and daughter have decided to never go back. “She’s never going to eat there again and I will never eat there again,” Holifield vowed.

Read More Here: NYpost

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