The trend over the weekend was to text your mom (or any mom) and ask how to cook a whole turkey in the microwave and while it went over some mothers' heads, others had brutal responses.

First, assuming only moms know how to cook a turkey is sexist. Men can cook, too. And if it started because someone didn't think their mom catch joke but instead give a legitimate answer... well played. Scroll through some reactions of Rockford moms responding to the "cook a turkey in a microwave" craze.

This mom's response isn't crystal clear until the end.


Here's a "stop while you're ahead" kind of response.


And this mom, who didn't catch the joke but still shot back with a mic-drop response.


And, finally, the "you can't pull anything past me" mom.


If your mom had a reaction worthy of sharing make sure to leave it in a comment.

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