If you've never been to New York City and saw the Statue of Liberty on Liberty Island, now's your chance to see Lady Liberty here in Illinois designed in a unique way by a local sculptor.

The Rochelle News-Leader reports, local artist Fran Volz, best know for his awe inspiring snow sculptures around Rochelle, is doing something pretty awe inspiring by making a replica on a smaller scale of the Statue of Liberty using the medium of hay.

Yep that's right he's making the entire sculpture from hay. He likes to make his creation using the local medium and what is in abundance around the Northern Illinois and the Mid-west? Hay, of course.

Franz explained "he was inspired to create a hay sculpture five years ago while vacationing in Europe. He made a trip to Germany and was amazed by a straw sculpture competition. After returning home, [he] looked into straw sculpture competitions and found they are also held in Japan" but none in the U.S. He wants to change that this fall by teaming up with the Community Development Director in Rochelle, Michelle Pease, to host a straw sculpture competition.

The sculpture is expected to be finished by the end of this month. Once it's done, it will be on display at the Sullivan's Grocery Store on Route 38, standing a proud 21 feet high for all to see.

I think that's cool. I'd definitely go see it.