Can you make it through a meal without checking or using your cell phone?

That's the challenge a local restaurant in Rockford is asking it's customers.

As reported by WIFR News, Pearl Bistro on Spring Creek Road in Rockford is challenging it's customers to put away their cell phones while dining. They even provide a decorative box to hold you phone in at the table while eating.

If you, the customer, can make it through the whole meal without checking on your phone they will discount your bill 10%.

Their hope is that people will reconnect with each other while dining and enjoy their company and dining experience.

It's a concept that came up during one of the restaurants staff meetings.

To see the challenge in action watch the video below (courtesy of WIFR News).


Wow! Pretty cool idea. I think I could do it. Could you?

Or would the temptation be too great? Especially with the decorative box on the table and your phone just inches away from you? Hmmm?


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