How many of you grew up having Sunday dinners with all of your family? I know those dinners oh so well. Barely a Sunday would pass by that we all weren't together for that tasty homemade meal.

Now a group is encouraging families across the stateline to take the pledge to bring back Sunday Dinners.


In a report from WREX, Home Instead Senior Care, is encouraging families to pledge and commit to scheduling regular meals with their loved ones including the senior citizens of the family.

They say it's not so much what your eating but who your eating with that makes the difference in all of our lives, especially to senior citizens.

Home Instead Senior Care says that for every pledge made they will donate a dollar to the Meals on Wheels program that feeds the elderly in our community.

Wow! I think that's an awesome idea. Bring back family togetherness and genuine care for each other. We all have busy lives this is one great way to slow down and really enjoy each other.

To take the pledge click here.

To learn more about Home Instead Senior Care, click here.