Once an a-hole, always an a-hole.

Photo - Nate Gustafson
Photo - Nate Gustafson

Local man Nate Gustafson has an outstanding balance from back in December at Whiskey's Roadhouse, and now there is a Go Fund Me page to handle this outstanding balance of twelve dollars.

On the evening that Nathan was enjoying spirits at Whiskey's Roadhouse, the credit card machine was not working. So like any true gentleman, Nate took off without paying the tab. He claims that he wants to return and pay it off, but he has no car and no ride.

Nate was approached on Facebook by a friend about his outstanding balance:

Hey homie, not trying to blast you or anything but you've got a tab down at whiskeys from quite some while ago.

A while ago, as in December 2016. Specifically, the day after Christmas. Dude, it's October 2017 and you still owe $12.25.

Nate, bro... It's only twelve freaking dollars.

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