How well do you know Don Henley of the Eagles?

Here's a few little known facts that you might not know.

For instance did you know:

- Don studied mime and African dance so that he would feel more comfortable in front of audiences.

- He dated Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac.

- Stevie Nicks wrote about her and Don's relationship in here song "Sara".

- That the song "Sunset Grill" is actually a real place that served Don's favorite food.

- His favorite food is a thick juicy cheeseburger with melted chunks of velveeta cheese.

- The reason the Eagles named there 1994 tour "Hell Freezes Over" was because that's what Don had said about them ever touring again.

So how many of those did you know?

Want to learn more about Don Henley? Click here.

Oh yeah before I forget here's one more thing you might not know....

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