Jeans I love them. I wear them everyday. I'm a big fan of the skinny or straight leg jeans, and yes I even boot cuts too, but I'm not so hot on this new style from Levi's.

The Wedgie jean!

No that isn't a type "o" either. You read it that right Levi's has a wedgie style jean to "enhance your curves" and make your butt look better ladies.

Now I'm all for jeans showing your curves but seriously a wedgie?!

It's bad enough when you get one from your underwear. Who would purposely want jeans that do. To me it looks like: A. you're either not wearing underware or B. You're too fat for the size jeans you're wearing and that's why it's going up your butt.

Don't believe me! Check it out here in their instagram post.


Oh and by the way, according to WGN, these jeans are available in store and online but they aren't cheap. They're selling for $88.  Hmmm... $88 dollars to give yourself a wedgie. Really? Ok then, to each is own.