Lottery Tickets
Anne Kitzman

If you bought a Lucky Day Lottery ticket last year, I hope you kept it. The largest lottery ticket that was sold in Illinois will be expiring soon.

DNAInfo Chicagoreports that last year on On August 16th 2016 someone purchased a Lucky Day Lotto ticket that is worth $350,000.

The golden ticket was purchased in the at the A&B Convenience store in the Atrium of the Thompson Center.

The winning numbers by the way, are " 7, 11, 24, 25, 26 ". It must be claimed before 5 p.m. this Wednesday, August 16th.

Is that you?

Oh and by the way, if the winning ticket doesn't appear to claim the money it all goes back to the state and will be used to fund the school and capital projects fund.

In one way that an awesome perk for our schools.

Honestly, how mad would you be that your lost out on $350,000. Oh man I would be more than kicking myself. That's a nice chunk of change.I could pay off my car, take a nice vacation, maybe put a down payment on a house, the list of what I'd do with it is endless.



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