I know this may seem like a T.M.I situation, but I just couldn't believe my eyes when I first read a headline about "period panties." Ladies, do you think you would be brave enough to wear these?

Turns out there is a company who makes undies "for women with periods," called Thinx period panties. Their purpose is to allow women freedom from period supplies when Aunt Flo comes to town. They come in 3 styles: thong, cheeky and hiphugger, which are also separated by their absorption ability and cost $34 a piece. Apparently the "thong" style is able to hold one tampon's worth of flow, and the "hiphugger" is for heavier days with the ability to hold two tampon's worth.

Personally, I am a tampon girl because I try to avoid the soggy diaper feeling at all costs, so these underwear sound absolutely horrible to me. Thank goodness one woman was brave enough to try them for all of us, and to relive her experience here : I Tried These Period Panties So You Don't Have To.

Thank you Sarah Burton for taking one for the woman team, and even though your experience is encouraging for a future free of tampons, I am not sold. I just cannot risk walking around town like a stuck pig.

How about you?