Do you want to know the secret is to great hair?

It's to "No-Poo".

No-Poo as in not shampooing your hair.

I know what you're thinking, GROSS!

Ick. I can't stand not washing my hair. Just thinking about it, makes my head itch.

According to Elizabeth Denton, the secret to having healthy shiny hair is because she stopped shampooing her hair six years ago.

Basically, we are supposed to rinse it with water when we're showering and make sure to scrub our scalp while rinsing. Elizabeth says we can use a conditioner once or twice a week, like she does, but don't rub it into your scalp. Concentrate on the ends of our hair.

Also, mentioned in this article from Yahoo Beauty, that when we stop shampooing, our healthy looking hair won't happen immediately. She cautioned that it will take a matter of a few weeks.

Yikes! Weeks. I don't know if I can do that. Could you?

To read more about Elizabeth's "No-Poo" journey, click here.

If you're still interested in "No-Pooing", here are seven frequently asked questions about not shampooing your hair.

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