Rumors are swirling that Kwik Trip has broken ground on a new store in Rockford, Illinois, but is that actually true?

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Google Street View

Illinois Loves Kwik Trip

The other day on air we were talking about how Kwik Trip was recently named the best gas station in the United States for the 4th year in a row. We were also shamelessly begging for Kwik Trip to open locations throughout the Rockford area, and then we received an app message that got us REALLY excited. It said;

 I may be wrong but I thought I heard there was one going in across from the casino but by Cracker Barrel.

WHAT?!? Have we been living under a rock, have we not heard about this already?!? I immediately went on a search for more information and found an article from February 2023 on that said;

The City of Rockford will consider plans to open a QuikTrip gas station on E. State Street near the future Hard Rock Casino.

Can you spot the alarming red flag in the above sentence? No, I am not talking about the "consider plans" part, I'm referring to the QuikTrip part. Did make a typo or is this actually a different gas station chain from everyone's beloved Kwik Trip?

Well, my friends, QuikTrip is definitely NOT the same as Kwik Trip, but that's not necessarily a bad thing for Rockford.

QuikTrip & Kwik Trip via Facebook, Canva
QuikTrip & Kwik Trip via Facebook, Canva

How Is QuikTrip Different from Kwik Trip?

When it comes to the things that make QuikTrip different from Kwik Trip, it's more than just different name spellings, they are owned by two separate corporations. QuikTrip is based in Oklahoma, and Kwik Trip is based in Wisconsin. QuikTrip operates over 800 stores in 10 different states, Kwik Trip has 600 stores mostly located in Wisconsin, Iowa, and Minnesota.

Both gas station brands have been in business for around 50 years, and both offer fuel, food, and convenience items, but Kwik Trip is the more popular option for food choices.

Need more convincing that QuikTrip opening in Rockford, not Kwik Trip, isn't a disappointing thing? An article from ViralTalky says;

QuickTrip has bigger stores with special sections for hot food, and it also offers many custom sandwiches. In addition to that, you can also find standard cold food along with basic groceries and gas stations in the same area.

Maybe we'll all be raving about QuikTrip food soon, instead of Kwik Trip? I've heard QT pizza is pretty darn good.

One last thing, Rockford may not be getting a Kwik Trip location yet, but one will be opening in South Beloit soon! Does that fact soften the blow a little bit for you?

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