For years people have been enjoying the deep fried goodness that is KFC. Every now and then they surprise us with a new item like the KFC Bowls, or some new-fangled way to serve us their chicken. A couple months ago we told you about the KFC Fire log that smelled just like their Original recipe fried chicken. I guess they weren't done.

According to WGNO, KFC's new item is their Gravy scented candle. I know it sounds pretty gross but at least you don't have to eat it. Yep, another very limited edition item from the Colonel but you can only get it in the UK. For some reason, there are only 230 of these weird and one of a kind candles in existence. KFC has just kicked off their KFC Chill Experience where you can go to to listen to the sounds of their chicken frying, the sound of falling fries or even hear the sound of simmering gravy lol.

When it comes to listening to my favorite food cook I can understand how it might make you hungry and I love the Colonel's Mashed Potatoes and gravy but I think the candle wax might ruin the taste.

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