After his brother and bandmate T.J. publicly came out as gay on Wednesday (Feb. 3), Brothers Osborne guitarist John Osborne wants the world to know just how proud he is.

"He's taken one of the most important steps of his entire life, and he's doing it in front of the entire world," John Osborne says in a video message posted to Instagram. "He's always had my support; no matter what, he will continue to have my support. It's an honor to call him my brother — he's a beautiful, amazing human being: so talented, so caring, so giving."

T.J. Osborne spoke about being gay for the first time publicly in a feature for Time, though the 36-year-old's family and close friends have known for years. T.J. first told John about his sexual orientation about a decade ago.

"He was very open and candid about it, and I was emotional, because my brother was finally able to be completely honest with me about who he was," John recalls. He was equally supportive when T.J. decided to come out publicly.

"If I had to have all my money and success erased for my brother to be truly fulfilled in life, I wouldn’t even think about it," John adds. "Not for a second."

Osborne is one of very few out country artists signed to a major or large independent record label. Brooke Eden, who revealed she is gay in January, is signed to BBR Music Group, while Brandy Clark was previously signed to Warner Music Nashville.

T.J. tells Time that he's not worried about how fans in metropolitan areas will react to his news, but he does admit that he's interested to see how crowds at rural venues respond. Brothers Osborne's latest single, "All Night," is currently just inside the Top 30 at country radio.

"I want to get to the height of my career being completely who I am," T.J. says. "I mean, I am who I am, but I've kept a part of me muted, and it's been stifling."

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