How does an entirely heart shaped dinner sound for Valentine's Day? Just the other day Portillo's announced the return of their heart shaped chocolate cake. Which honestly sounds like the perfect way to end any Valentine's meal, but what if that meal was also heart shaped?

I've never had pizza in a shape before, but I can imagine it's just as amazing as normal pizza, just a lot cuter. So where can you complete the mission of a fully heart shaped meal in Rockford? Well, there's a couple options.

First there's Papa Johns.

Papa Johns is known for their shaped pizza. When it's Halloween time they also offer a pumpkin shaped pizza that's so adorable.

Then there's also Pizza Hut!

Now like I said, I've never ordered a shaped pizza before. But I can almost guarantee a couple things. I'm sure on Valentine's Day A LOT of these pizzas are ordered. So be patient and just know that you're probably one of MANY heart shaped pizza orders. And secondly, it might not look exactly like a heart. I know a lot of people posted pictures of their jack-o-lantern pizzas looking a little wonky, but let's be honest, it's Pizza!

I say every brand who offers heart shaped pizza is already winning by putting in the effort to try and make that many shaped pizzas.

So if you're looking for a fun way to celebrate this year, try a completely heart shaped meal!


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