If you love pizza and want to find the best that the state of Wisconsin has to offer, many people say this historic restaurant in Madison is THE place to go.


Wisconsin's Best Pizza Spots

When you're on a family vacation and you need to find a place to eat that everyone will agree on and enjoy, pizza is always a great way to go.

Call it personal preference or experience, but I think some of the best food is found at "hole-in-the-wall-bars".  My family's go-to pizza place in Wisconsin has always been the Lodge at the lake our family cabin is on, but after seeing this article from Only in Wisconsin, I now know where I want to go the next time we are in Madison.

Have You Been to Greenbush Bar in Madison, Wisconsin?

This building might not look like much, but A LOT of people claim it offers up some of the best pizza in Wisconsin...

Google Street View
Google Street View

Before we dive into the dining and atmosphere of Greenbush Bar in Madison, the building itself is pretty special for two important reasons according to Only in Wisconsin;

First, it dates back to 1922, making it one of the neighborhood’s last original buildings. Second, the Italian Workmen’s Club is one of the oldest active Italian clubs in the U.S.

All I really needed to see was this sign on the building to understand some truly great food awaits inside...

Greenbusy Bar via Facebook
Greenbusy Bar via Facebook

Is Greenbush Bar's Food Really As Good as the Hype?

Since I haven't been able to make it up to Madison yet to try Greenbush Bar's pizza for myself, I did the next best thing; hit up Google for reviews.

I landed on Trip Advisor; which was full of glowing reviews about Greenbush Bar, but here are three that really give you a sense of the experience and tastes that await you...

Kelly N. said;

We loved walking down the stairs to find a warm, cozy atmosphere and holiday lights. Appearances are deceiving. What seems like a bar that happens to serve food, Greenbush is actually a restaurant hidden in a bar. We enjoyed drinks when waiting on a table and a dinner of pizza and carbonara.

TopasBeagle said;

I love it here-the atmosphere, the cocktails, and most of all, the pizza


CJB Cambridge said;

Crispy thin crust drenched in sauce and whatever toppings you might want - my mouthis watering just recalling! It Really IS the Best pizza in Madison!

Are you ready to check out Greenbush Bar yet? No? One view of their menu might change your mind...they've got a pretty stellar beer menu too.

Mangiamo! (P.S. that means "Let's Eat!" in Italian)

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