It's not like we needed a reason to enjoy an adult beverage so we've found the best spots around the Rockford region to celebrate.

Do You Go with Salt or Sugar on the Rim of Your Glass?

When you choose to have a Margarita, do you prefer on-the-rocks or frozen? And do you have them rim the glass with salt or sugar? I'm all about a frozen margarita with sugar on the rim.

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And what's your favorite flavor? Margaritas are versatile and there's a right taste for just about everyone. From the choice of tequila to the selection of fruit flavors, there's a margarita variation to suit every palate.

Whether you prefer classic lime, fruity mango, zesty grapefruit, or spicy jalapeño-infused margaritas, the options are limitless.

Here's Where They Serve the Tastiest Margaritas in Illinois

We asked you which Rockford area bars and restaurants are serving up the tastiest margaritas in the Stateline area, and you shared so many great spots that we'll be buzzed until Cinco de Mayo.

Best Margaritas in Illinois

Restaurants and Bars in the Rockford, Illinois area that serve Margaritas.

Gallery Credit: Johnny Vincent

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