Many people say the most hidden bar in Wisconsin isn't deep in the North woods, it is actually in Milwaukee, and it doesn't require a handshake or code word to get into, just a patient spirit and a love for seafood.

What Qualifies As a Hidden Bar?

When someone mentions a "hidden" bar, many people assume they are talking about a unique speakeasy or an extremely exclusive place that requires jumping through hoops to be let into.

When I hear someone a "hidden" bar I'm thinking more of a place that is super difficult to physically find. Sometimes the difficulty is due to the bar being located in the middle of backwoods nowhere, but other times it may be because the bar is hiding in plain sight...kind of like this bar in Milwaukee, Wisconsin called Barnacle Bud's.

Milwaukee's Hidden Gem; Barnacle Bud's

Today I came across a post in the Wisconsin Dive Bars Facebook group that asked;

What is the most hidden bar that you know of?

After asking that question the poster then said; "Mine is “Barnacle Buds” in MKE". 

Hmmm...this bar doesn't look to be that's right on the water.

But on what body of water in Milwaukee will we find Barnacle Bud's? That is where the "hidden" part comes in.

Where is Barnacle Bud's Located in Milwaukee?

There is an address listed both for Barnacle Bud's, it's 1955 S Hilbert St. in Milwaukee, but don't be surprised if Google Maps gets real confused trying to get you there.

Apparently, there are two ways to get to Barnacle Bud's; by boat or by driving down a gravel road and through an industrial park. Kinda weird right? It may be weird, but people say it is definitely worth the trip.

One review on Barnacle Bud's website says;

If you can find it, you will want to go to Barnacle Bud's all the time!
A true gem on the south side, this place embodies the true spirit of Margaritaville without the commercial hype. Trust your GPS and take in this Milwaukee treasure this summer.

FYI, Barnacle Bud's has a Bloody Mary bar too...

To find out more about this hidden gem in Milwaukee, just visit

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