There's a lot of debates in life that can easily divide a room. Especially when it comes to food. Say cilantro for example, people either love it, or they absolutely HATE it. Same goes for a lot of other food, including fast food treats.

Does that Instagram post have you saying "YUM" or "No thanks!"? Personally, I'm obsessed with Shamrock Shakes. I'll never forget the first time a friend at school showed up with one after they left for an appointment and I was mesmerized by the minty green goodness. What is this magic? Why have I never had one before? So after school I asked my dad if we could go try one, and ever since I've been obsessed.

Here's the thing, some people don't like the minty flavor. They say it gives them toothpaste vibes. I get that. If you're not a huge mint flavor fan, you probably wouldn't like it all over a milkshake. But if you are a mint fan, then you know just how tasty the shake is.

But like all good things in life, we can't have it forever. It's a huge seasonal promotion for McDonald's and they just announced the return.

It's like McDonald's Valentine's Day present to us. Have a great night with your boo, ball out on a fancy dinner, and then the next day treat yourself to some Shamrock Shakes.

McDonald's offered a Mcflurry version last year that looked like this -

No word yet on if that's returning.


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