Rockford's finest, NBA superstar, record breaker, history maker, whatever you call him, you definitely know his name. And for good reason, he's a star. Fred's been making basketball headlines his whole career because he's incredibly self-made and an undeniable player.

I'll never forget Fred's homecoming party in Rockford, it was truly one of the most exciting days for the city.

It was a day filled with ALL THE HYPE.

Look at all those people, can we get back to events like this ASAP?

Before this season began, Fred VanVleet set a record by signing the biggest contract for an undrafted free agent in NBA history: four years, $85 million.

And after last night's game, VanVleet set a couple new records. VanVleet scored the most ever points scored by an un-drafted player in NBA history. He also set a new record for the most points ever scored by a Toronto Raptor. You know, just some casual records on a Tuesday night.

I can't even imagine the wave Freddy was riding after last night's game. I'm sure he was on cloud 900. And then this happened.

That speech after the celebration says it all. He bets on himself, he works his a** off, and he puts in the work to be the best.

Also is it just me or did he tear up a little after the speech? I don't blame him, I was reaching for tissues too. Congrats Fred, keep killing the game!


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