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Applebee's is offering up a pretty yummy deal for the "Big Game" this Sunday..."Eat Like a Champion With 40 Free Wings." Wings. Free. Let's dig in!

If you are having people over, or are in charge of bringing a "dish to pass" here's a way to look like you went above and beyond with your food choices. No cooking, no problem! Plus you know these will vanish.

Want to take advantage of this delicious deal CLICK HERE. Here's how this works:

Receive forty free boneless wings with your choice of sauces, when you purchase $40 worth of food at Applebee's.  If you are ordering for a party at home, you would go over $40 anyway, might as well throw some free boneless wings in the mix.

There's a simple three step process to making this happen. Order online HERE and add the wings to your cart, using the code: BIGGAME at checkout. Order the rest of your food. Then have your food and 40 FREE BONELESS WINGS delivered or you can pick it up to go. It's that easy people.

There are Applebee's locations in Rockford, Freeport, and Belvidere for you to choose from. Now, this offer is ONLY on February 7th (this Sunday) for the big game. They are claiming that nationwide they have 1.6 million wings and when they are gone, they are gone.

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