Rockford Buy, Sell, Trade, & Automobiles is a Facebook group that is exactly how it sounds - a place to get stuff and get rid of it. You never know what you're going to find in groups like these, and you're about to see proof. I had to look twice when I first saw this. In fact, it has left me speechless.

A Janesville, Wisconsin man is selling a casket... for $500. According to the post, it's new, so that's good. I guess? That's not the part threw me off though.

Casket For Sale
Rockford Buy, Sell, Trade, & Automobiles via Facebook

"Great for Halloween or practical use."

Umm, Halloween? Sure. But "practical use"? Would that mean a funeral? Also, why is there cardboard in there. More importantly, why does he have a casket?!

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