The phrase "it's a small world" couldn't be more accurate considering a woman in Las Vegas found a Rockford, IL report card while shopping (assumingly at a 2nd-hand store).

Rockford Report Card
Marisa Marino via Facebook

The eighth-grade report card is circa 1955-1956 and belonged Robert Evans, who attended Roosevelt High School at that time. Is this is the Rockford University political science professor? The Robert Evans whose photos I used to develop at Woodman's?

Before we try and figure out who this report card belongs to, let's check out the grades.

Rockford Report Card Grades
Marisa Marino via Facebook

Assuming the grades were similar to when I was in school it almost resembles my 8th-grade achievements. But, the question remains, is it the Rockford University professor or someone else? A commenter on the post did a little research on Robert Evans at 505 Reynolds and found some interesting information.

Chuck Abramson - The Robert Evans of 505 Reynolds Ave. was pretty much in trouble with the law from ages 14-30 according to the newspaper. I don't believe this is the Robert Evans of RPS school board fame. (Unless he really straightened up). Lol.

Marisa Marino (who found the old report card) said she would reach out to Professor Robert Evans to see if it is indeed his report card. She has not yet said whether or not it is him. We may not ever find who this progress report belongs to but, one thing is for sure, Bob Evans makes some great breakfast.

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