linkinbio You might understand the fear or concern that might occur if someone called you with these threats. What is strange if is you know you've committed no crimes of any sort why would you just give away your hard-earned money over the phone without question?

Be Aware Of Government Agencies or Businesses Collection Procedures

In many cases, you will likely receive a call, email, or social media message pertaining to "you must pay ____ or face legal action." If you've signed up for email/text notifications these messages may be justified. if you did not sign up for such information you might not get a call even if it's legit.

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If Someone Calls And says There Is A Warrant For Your Arrest Do Not Believe It

I've received a similar call in the past, from someone claiming to be a sergeant for the local Sheriff's Office. They identified themselves as such and included a badge number. They explained I owed two hundred some-odd dollars and it needed to be paid immediately or there would be a warrant for my arrest. They even claimed I'd be arrested at my place of employment in a "really embarrassing fashion."

I happened to be at work when this happened so, in quick thinking, I asked them to hold while I grabbed my payment information. While they were on hold I called the local Attorney General's office and explained the call I literally had on hold. They suggested I conference the "sheriff" into the call, which I did. Needless to say, the "sheriff" quickly learned they were busted and hung up.

STOP! That ‘Package Pending’ Message Could Be a Scam

Similarly, Rock County Sheriff's Office said someone is calling residents identifying themselves as a Deputy for the department. The individual(s) is going as far as using the real identity of a current Rock Count Sheriff in a voicemail claiming there's a warrant out for the person they're calling. If you're receiving a call like this DO NOT BELIEVE IT. Law enforcement does not call residents asking to pay money over the phone or they will face warrants for their arrest.

If anyone receives a suspicious call of this nature do not give out any personal information and report it to the Rock County Sheriff's Office or your local Sheriff's Office.

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