Fall and corn mazes go together like cheese and crackers. If you've ever flown over and driven through Illinois you know the state is full of corn fields. There are so many miles of corn fields it should be no surprise Illinois has been the home of the world's largest corn mazes more than once.

Sisters and a Corn Maze

How Are Corn Mazes Made?

Out of curiosity, I found myself falling into a YouTube rabbit hole while searching for exactly how corn mazes come to fruition. Yes, the obvious answer is tractors and GPS, but there has to be a little more to it.

Illinois: Size Matters

Illinois is no stranger to being the home of outlandishly-sized objects. The town of Casey has the world's largest collection of the world's largest things. (Try saying that ten times fast.)

Since 2015, Richardson Adventure Farm in Spring Grove has been known as the world's largest corn maze. (The year prior the title belonged to a farm in Dixon.) Also in 2015, the Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup which led to the new world's largest corn maze.

Richardson Farm via Facebook
Richardson Farm via Facebook

The folks at Richardson's Farm have earned another addition to the "world's largest" bragging rights, tack on "most intricate" because their 2022 corn maze is meticulously detailed. This year, the 28-acre corn field was turned into a tribute to the world's most famous secret service agent, Bond... James Bond.

Miles And Miles, No Dead Ends, And Mini Mazes

The total length of the maze is over 10 miles, there are no dead ends inside, and there are 4 "mini" mazes throughout. There are actual games within the maze itself, according to Secret Chicago.

Exploring the maze itself is a pleasant experience, but at Richardson Farm, there will also be five separate games within the maze that vary in length and difficulty including the farm scene investigation game, quiz questions, and finding all 24 hidden checkpoints.

Check out the details woven into this one-of-a-kind corn maze.

Richardson Farm is located at 909 English Prairie Road in Spring Grove.

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