I had to look up where Hillsboro, Illinois is located. The population of Hillsboro is right around 6000, so a nice sized town...But is this town "big enough" for an eight foot tall hairy fella?


Hillsboro, Illinois is located south of Springfield...so it's quite a ways south of us. The median income for a household in the city is $33,075. So some hard working, blue collar folks that are up for a little adventure.

Now, is this the type of town that is looking for something? What I mean by that, is this the type of town that wants to be on the map in Illinois? That wants to be recognized by other towns and cities in the Land of Lincoln? Apparently so, because they have Bigfoot sightings all the time.

Illinois Sasquatch via YouTube
Illinois Sasquatch via YouTube

There is a certain spot off the side of the road that is where this "mystery creature" likes to hang out...all the time. Cars driving by will stop, pull over to the side of the road, and even get out and walk towards it.

"In Montgomery County, Illinois reports of an eight-foot-tall Sasquatch near the woods might be true." - Fox 2 St. Louis

Holy crap, so there is a Bigfoot? There is ONE location in Southern Illinois where you can actually see Bigfoot, all the time.

Can you get a photo with this Sasquatch? Yes. Will this Sasquatch attack you? No. This is one of those see it to believe it moments.

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