Not every supermarket is going to be a winner and some of the worst ones in the country can be found in Illinois and Iowa.

Let's be honest: grocery store shopping kinda sucks. It's not something fun to shop for and no one you encounter particularly wants to be there. Especially if you have your kids with you, who are screeching for the cheese puffs you know they won't eat, it can be a straight-up nightmare.


What you don't need in that necessary evil of an errand is a terrible grocery store to make the experience even worse. The Fiscal Times released a list of the top 12 worst supermarkets in America and there's a good chance you've been to two of the highest-ranking ones. Two of the top 5 worst supermarkets in America have locations in the QCA.

At #5: Jewel-Osco

Jewel-Osco was founded in Chicago and is headquartered in Itasca. It was found to have "mediocre ratings" from customers in all the shopping experience categories, but the nail in the coffin for this chain was the price area, which fell smack into the "very dissatisfied" category.

At #2: Walmart

REUTERS/Joshua Lott/The Fiscal Times
REUTERS/Joshua Lott/The Fiscal Times

Ah, the gift to the rest of the world from my home state. The survey found that Walmart had the highest percentage of shoppers (32%) who had 3 or more problems while shopping there. Consumer Reports also gave them a terrible cleanliness rating. They must be doing okay though since they continue to open up new stores.

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