It's finally windows open, ceiling fans on weather.

There's certain things you learn in adulthood that not only blow your mind, but also change your life. One of these tips has to do with your ceiling fan. I found out about this on Tik Tok, where I find out all important tips and tricks.

Someone was talking about some switch on your ceiling fan. Immediately I was like um ... a switch? Where? Then they talked about how one way of this switch if for warm weather and the other way is for colder weather. At this point I'm beyond confused, and heavily intrigued.

Maybe you already know about this life hack, but if you don't, prepare to have your mind blown.

Is your jaw on the floor? I was so beyond mind blown.

The tips and tricks don't stop there. I'm pretty sure an issue EVERYBODY has with a ceiling fan has is grabbing the wrong chain to turn the fan or light on. Well, leave it to Amazon to have the most genius (and adorable) solution EVER. Check these out -


So if you're somebody who likes to take advantage of their ceiling fan, make sure you're actually taking advantage of it.

Okay, so let's sum this up: Your fan should spin counterclockwise when it's warm to circulate cool air and clockwise in the cool months to circulate warm air in your home.

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