The fan base for the Chicago Cubs received an injection of excitement Wednesday night when it was announced that they had signed one of the top free agent pitchers, Marcus Stroman, to a 3-year deal.

Jeff Passan is one of the best baseball beat reporters in the game but he wasn't the first one with the Stroman to the Cubs news because Stroman himself was the one that put the news out there.

Side note. I don't know why more players don't do this. I totally understand why some guys give the local guys a scoop. It can be a big deal to a reporter in Kansas City when their announcement goes viral around the sporting universe, but why would anyone care if Adam Schefter breaks the news first?

Stroman seems VERY excited to come to Chicago, Wrigley is the only MLB stadium that he's never pitched in. I know athletes always give lip service to a new fan base when they join a team but there's a degree of sincerity with Stroman that rings differently than other welcome greetings.

When the news broke, I knew there was one guy we had to speak with to get his feelings on the singing and that was Fred, AKA The DOM, AKA the Cubs Director of Morale. If you don't know who Fred is and you're a Cub fan, you should. He started his Twitter account a few years ago as basically just a super fan and since then he's collaborated with multiple players to raise money and produce content. He's the perfect "outsider that's basically an insider."

We leaned on some of his inside connections in our interview this morning. Give it a listen and then go follow him on Twitter. His handle is @DOM_Fredrick.

Thanks for the time Fred, look forward to talking again once baseball finally returns.

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