Is Rockford on the cusp of medical breakthroughs and advancements?

First, it was the surgeries requiring no pain medications afterwards, now it's becoming the place for migraine relief.

Or at least it is for a Kansas woman is receiving treatments for debilitating head pain.

Migraines are the worst. If you've ever had them you understand that you would do anything including cutting your head off to just stop the pain.

WIFR reports that a Kansas women's head pain was so bad that she sought out the internet to find a doctor that could relieve her from the awful life controlling migraines she's suffered since she was 5 years old.

Her research brought to the Forest City to Dr.Jeffery Royce of SwedishAmerican Hospital.  Since 2014 she's received "Botox treatments every ten weeks with Dr. Royce" and says that "she is going full weeks without having to take medication for her headaches."

Dr. Royce says that there are estimated "3.6 million chronic migraine sufferers [yet] only 4% actually receive a diagnosis and treatment for their pain."  He said that for "chronic migraine [sufferers], the only treatment that's really been scientifically proven is the Botox administration, and so that's where we got to was the Botox administration and that is successful in my estimation 80% of the time." 

Wow! Interesting.

It's awesome to see Rockford being placed on the map for the place to go for medical treatment.




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