I love coffee, but I'm a tea drinker too. After finding this out I think I'll be hitting the Lipton a little harder.

In fact, if you're not a tea drinker this might change your mind.

Studies show that drinking tea actually makes you more creative and boosts your over all mood.

Hey now who isn't for that.

According to a study I read in The Daily Meal, participants were broken into two groups: One group drank tea the other water. "Thirty minutes later, their creativity was put to the test. In the first assignment, both groups were asked to construct an “attractive” structure out of blocks. The second assignment was devising a “cool” name for a noodle restaurant.

Each group was judged on how innovative and playful they were for each task. The results found that the "tea drinkers outscored the others on both fronts."

How did this happen?

Researchers say "it has to do with tea’s overall ability to calm and collect those who drink it. Drinking tea appears [to improve mental clarity], resulting in faster, more focused, and yet still relaxed thought processes.

Drinking tea was also found to boost moods which in turn helps for thinking more clearly and creatively.

Hmm... makes sense to me.

Drink tea and you'll never be stumped again. Or at least you'll find creative ways to get around being stumped when writing or solving problems.

Maybe those Brits were on to something drinking all that tea.




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