What is milk tea? I have no idea but I'm about to find out and so are you.

What are the most popular posts on social media... babies? Weddings? Birthdays? No. The answer is food.

Food is the best, we all want it and we all need it so we all love it.

Which is one of the reasons I tend to linger in the Rockford N Stateline Foodie Facebook page. Because I'm hungry.

And thirsty in this case.

A recent post has me stumped, what is milk tea?

Turns out milk tea isn't that stumping at all.

It's just, any tea with milk added to it.

But I mean, c'mon that icy blue drink looks like more than just milk and tea right?

Tien Tea House is inside Hai Quynh Vietnamese Restaurant on 7th street in Rockford and this is one of their many pretty drink choices.

I could go for a Deep Blue Milk Tea, what about you?

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