It's that time of year again, cold and flu season.

If you're feeling a bit of ickies come on try some of these  natural remedies. I gotta say after my regiment of hot tea, chicken noodle soup, and elderberry tablets last night I started feeling much better than I did at the beginning of the day. The achy body feeling and even my sore throat seemed to slip away.

I found a helpful list of natural remedies to help in easing symptoms of colds, flu and even allergies and some of these can even shave a few days off get you back to feeling better and more like yourself.

Taking daily herbal supplements of Echinacea, Zinc, Vitamin C won't cure the cold or flu, but they do help in supporting the immune system and help you get to feeling better sooner.

Also, drinking warm liquids like tea with honey and lemon can help in alleviating congestion and soothe sore throats.

You can also make a "Hot Toddy" with whiskey to help you through. You can make this with either hot water or hot tea. Here's the recipe for making a Hot Toddy.

Last night I tried it with tea. Although it soothed my throat, I didn't like it. It was a tad too sour for my liking. I glupped it down as soon as the tea cooled enough.