I LOVE DOGS, and I recently read a study about what you can learn about a man's personality from the breed of dog he owns.  A dog has so many redeeming qualities already, and now they can help you figure out a man?!?  Even better!

- Guys who own shelter "mutts" will always be loyal and honest, because they are more caring. (I agree here, we have 2 shelter mutts, and this describes my husband perfectly)

- Maltese owners are romantics who will sweep you off your feet.

- Shih-Tzu owning men are energetic and upbeat.

- Chihuahua guys can be high-strung

- A guy with a Labrador retriever is social and loves the good life.

Ladies, if you are having trouble finding a good man, look at his dog, and attend the Stateline's first ever "Single and Mingle" party at Giovanni's on January 31st. :)  Get all the details about the social event of the year, and buy your tickets now by clicking here!

I'll even provide you with your opening line for all the men you meet..." Hi!  My name is <insert your name here>, I like Country music, long walks on the beach, and dogs.  What kind of dog do you have?"

Effective don't ya think?  ;)