Summer is here, which means time spent by the pool with a drink. But the question is...what drink?

We can try to be healthy when it comes to booze all day. The calorie count is one reason why light beer and hard seltzers are beloved. A study by Econolight found that Iowa prefers light beer over hard seltzer. Specifically Busch Light is the fave.

Meanwhile, Illinois likes hard seltzer over light beer. Their favorite is Corona Hard Seltzer.

The study was based on Google Trends (so what you searched) over the last 12 months. It looked at 40 different beers and hard seltzers, comparing the searches by region, state, and nation.


Personally, I'm a hard seltzer fan and the calorie count of anything is the last thing on my mind if I'm hanging out at a barbecue or on a boat with a White Claw.

Natural Light is the country's most popular light beer. (My guess is that a bunch of frat guys Googled that.)

Pabst Blue Ribbon Seltzer is the country's most popular hard seltzer. Which is unexpected, but it's not the winner by a landslide.

The regional breakdown is this: the Midwest and the South prefer light beer. My home state of Arkansas apparently likes Yuengling Light, which sounds odd but I digress.

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The Northeast and the West prefer hard seltzer. We've all seen "the claw" craze with hard seltzer and the sometimes ridiculous flavors it comes in. But the hard seltzer brand I noticed was missing from this study though is my cousin's favorite, High Noon.

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