A part in an infant car seat has been recalled from stores in Rockford and Janesville.

A piece that is used in Britax infant car seats has been recalled by the manufacturer. You will not need to replace the entire seat itself, just a part used to make shoulder straps more comfortable. According to Britax Facebook,

In a continued commitment to child passenger safety, Britax is conducting a recall of chest clips on certain infant car seat models - made between November 1, 2015 and May 31, 2017.

The infant car seat straps should always be appropriately set for safety reasons.

Always ensure that the harness straps are properly positioned at or slightly below the child’s shoulders and that the webbing cannot be vertically pinched at the child’s collar bone.

Even if you did not register your car seat you will still be able get a clip replacement for free at www.bsafe35clip.com.


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