The saying "bringing home the bacon" just got literal thanks to the Indiana State Lottery.

I'm not sure how I feel about winning 20 years of free bacon, but I will say that I LOVE the Hoosier Lottery's slogan for this new game: "No Fakin', Win Bacon for 20 Years." Clever. Very clever, Indiana.

The "Bring Home the Bacon" $2 bacon-scented scratch off tickets went on sale last week in Indiana, and offer chances to win several cash prizes up to $10,000, but four people could be truly living high on the hog if they win 20 years of free bacon.

For 20 years, these four lucky winners will get up to $250 worth of bacon a year, which is basically about 40 pounds of bacon a year. (No, winners cannot collect a lump sum of bacon for one heck of a party.)

This new game is the result of a partnership between the Indiana State Lottery and the Indiana Pork Board as a way to highlight pork raised in the state, not to mention a super fun thing to take to a summer barbecue or party.

I do love me some bacon from time to time, but wouldn't even the biggest of bacon fans eventually get sick of 40 pounds of bacon for 20 years straight?

What do you think? Should the Illinois Lottery come up with something like this too?

I think I would rather win something like this...